Come celebrate 21 years of making water fun!

On June 17, 2016, we will celebrate 21 years of brewing world-class beers and having as much fun as possible while doing it. In usual Big Sky form, we’re also throwing one heck of a birthday party at Caras Park in downtown Missoula (4 pm -10 pm). The event is family friendly, will include 21 of our finest beers (some you can only find at the party), mechanical bull riding, games, and livemusic.

Come one! Come all!

So what’s changed over the last 21 years you ask? Not a lot, actually.  The biggest difference is we brew more beer than we used to, which is a good thing. Otherwise, we’re still doing what we love: making world class beers and having as much fun as possible. It’s amusing to take a look back and see where we were THEN and where we are NOW.


Then: 120 Hickory St. Our home until we ran out of room in 2003.
Now: Our original home is now the Montana Natural History Center, who we’ve partnered with for Summer Concert Series Giving in previous years. They used these proceeds to buy new buses for fieldtrips.


Then:  Bjorn Nabozney, Kris Nabozney, Neal Leathers, & Brad Robinson
Now: All but Brad–and he’s a FOB (friend of brewery)–are clocking into Big Sky Brewing Company daily. We’ve also added another 40+ of finest Americans you’ll ever meet.


Then: Our first draft beer poured at The Rhino in downtown Missoula.
Now: 21 years later our beers are still flowing at The Rhino, so stop by and say hi.  The Rhino has also generously offered shuttles to and from our Summer Concerts.


Then: A two-vessel, 30 barrel brew house that we used tirelessly for 18 years, 15,000 brews and 500,000 barrels.
Now: A four-vessel, 60 barrel Newlands brew house. It’sawesome.


Then: Two, 60 barrel fermenters
Now: We still have them both. They allow us to always tinker with new brews. We’ve since added 23, 180 barrel fermenters to the tank farm, which is also the scene of an occasional cyclocross race or CrossFit competition from time totime.


Then: Donations?  We were just trying to survive
Now: We donate over $100,000 a year across the state of Montana to projects we believe in. Previous projects include Brennan’s Wave, Mobash Skate Park, BMX parks, Youth Homes, Glacier Ice Rink, etc.  Heck, we’re even donating all the beer proceeds from the 21st Birthday to Mountain Bike Missoula.

Long story short, 21 years later we’re still MAKING WATER FUN, proud of the growth we’ve achieved, and we’re proud of the roots that we’ve kept deep in the ground in MONTANA.  So come drink a beer with us on June 17, 2016, and celebrate another 21 years fo making water fun. 

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