In November–as we were taking the roof off of our brewhouse–we declared: “Come Hell or High Water we will have brewed at least 1 batch of beer on the new system by December 31st.” Well, despite a shipping delay, electronics issues, and the Christmas holiday, we persevered.  As we roll into a new year we’re pleased to announce: we have a newbrewhouse.

On Monday, December 30th, exactly two weeks after the equipment was delivered, we were brewing beer again. And just in time. Every fermenter in the brewery  was officially empty.  It’s now time for our brewers re-fill our empty tanks with fine Big Sky ales and have some fun along the way.

Special thanks go to Matt Long, Kyle Sillars, Bjorn Nabozney, Kris Nabozney, and Mike Gustave for their tireless efforts in making this project come in on time. We also want to thank the great folks at Newlands for making the system and working with our crew to get everything up and running.

Here’s to 2014 and the road ahead. Cheers & Happy New Year from your friends at Big Sky Brewing Company.