Our new 60 barrel brew system is fully installed and operating. We’ve caught up on our orders and are starting to tinker again. Yep, that’s how we roll. Always tinkering, testing, and improving. Actually, that’s how we develop all of our beers. We brewed, tweaked, and kept brewing and tweaking our Big Sky IPA for nearly 2 years before pulling thetrigger.

We always work closely with our on site lab, bringing new ideas to the table and advancing old ideas, all to make better beer. And we’ve been doing just that with our new brew system to brew small, 20 Barrel Batches of specialty, or as we like to call them, ‘especially awesome’ beers. The first 20 barrel beauties to roll out of the new system are a Pack Train Double IPA, and a Power Wagon Wheat Wine. You’ll see the beers on draft only in select markets. Emphasis on select markets here, that’s the downside of 20 barrel batches, they’re small.  Although we’ll be pouring these beers in the taproom, of course. Road trip Anyone?

If you miss this first round, keep your eyes peeled, we’re always tinkering.