The Day of Ivan Feature Image

We have officially declared the first Friday of December the Day of Ivan, Ivan The Terrible, to be exact. The first annual celebration will be held in our new Taproom on Friday, December 1st, 2017 from 5-7 p.m. Here’s what you can expect on this big day:

  • Five varieties of a rich, complex Imperial Stout with a cult following  
  • Barrel Aged Ivan on Tap
  • Nitro Ivan on Tap
  • Someone that can tell a story about every generation of Ivan
  • Flavors of Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit and Bourbon runneth over
  • Samples from the 2017 bottle conditioned Ivan
  • Someone dancing by themselves early in the evening
  • Samples from a few of the previous 750 ml Ivan releases
  • Brewers on hand to discuss all things beer and answer questions
  • Us, making water fun for you. Really fun. 

No, this is not a release party. That’s not our style. Our best beers hit the market before they hit the taproom. You can find Ivan at your favorite watering hole by searching our beer finder. If you can’t find it, just chirp in the ear of your local retailer/bar and we’ll do our best todeliver.

If you’re in Missoula this Friday, stop by and celebrate the Day of Ivan.