Why we like our new Tasting Room? Feature Image

We just completed our new taproom and are officially open for business. You’ll see plenty of changes including a new floor plan, bar, tables, merchandise store and….. a pint of beer. Yes, thanks to new legislation – for the first time in our company history – we’ll be able do a little more than hand out 4 ounces of free beer. Here are two reasons we’re welcoming this change with open arms.

  1. Community. Back in the day, we made the strategic decision to move out of town. This gave us some extra room to brew and a backyard for concerts, BBQ festivals, pray for snow parties, cyclocross races, movies, and just about any social gathering you can imagine. The taproom allows us to host events, such as the Griz Alumni Night, Missoula Marathon registration party, autograph signings for our visiting concert artists, and more. In our eyes, this strengthens our community and provides us with additional means to give back. When you’re giving beer away, it’s difficult to kick a portion of these proceeds to the cause. Now, it’s pretty easy and we’re looking forward to doing our part.
  2. Testing Taste. We take great pride in the beers we brew. As one of the few craft breweries with a full-service lab, we’re constantly testing and improving our beers to Maintain the standards our fans deserve and expect. We’ve been known to work on revising and refining a beer for years before it ever sees a can, a keg, or a bottle. The new taproom expands these horizons. With a 12 tap system and another line reserved for cask beer, we can experiment more with recipes than ever before. This gives us great feedback and, you, delicious beer.

So if you’re in the area, stop by and say hi. Drink a beer. Enjoy the community, and tell us what you think. We’re listening.