Five Fall Favorites Feature Image

It’s the smack middle of fall and we couldn’t be happier in Big Sky Country. The days are shorter, nights are colder, and winter weather is welcomed. Specifically, here are five reasons fall is special time of the year around these parts.

1. Elk Camp. It sure is quiet around the brewery on the opening week of elk season. Most of us abandon our homes for a canvas wall tent and a long, steep, walk in the woods.


2. Cyclocross season.  We like bikes and we love Cyclocross. So much so, we decided to run a race through the middle of thebrewery.


3. The steelhead run. Yes, Montana is known for trout, but just over the hill in Idaho lies some world class steelhead runs. We’ve been known to load up or rigs with beer and go swing some flies.


4. Early turns. You have to work for them, but those early turns feel as good as any.


5. Beer. I guess this is why we love, winter, spring and summer too, but there is something special about fall. Moose Drool tastes that much better after a long day of doing what we love. all-1-12