We sponsor nearly every community cause, get together, shin dig, and project we can afford. For example, we couldn’t bear the thought of someone crossing the Missoula Marathon finish line, without cold beer on us! We don’t sponsor many professional athletes, only three at the present: Mike Foote, Sam Schultz, and Linsey Corbin.  Each with Montana roots and drive for sport that’s ingrained in our own company DNA. They’re good people and darn hard workers. They’ve inspired us to put in a company wellness challenge, and remind us of the importance of an activelifestyle.

As such, when one of these athletes ends up on Outside Magazine Online, we feel inclined to share. This video was shot outside of Bend, Oregon. If you find yourself on a journey in this neck of the woods, you can use our beer finder to ensure you recoverproperly.

Now, go ride your bike.