We’re taking the roof off. Literally.

Yesterday, marked day one of a two month brewhouse installation. We began our transition from a 3-vessel, 37 barrel brewhouse to a 4-vessel, 60 barrel brewhouse by ripping the roof off of our facility (see above).


There are a couple of reasons for the expansion. First, this new addition to the family will more than double our brewing capacity. You see, the old system creates a bottleneck (no pun intended) in our brewery. It is often being used 24 hours a day for 6+ days a week. Second, the new system will be much more efficient in terms of energy use. Finally, we anticipate the beer from the new brewhouse will have a longer shelf-life than that produced on our current system. Although, we just sampled a four-year old Moose Drool in our lab and it was high, wide and handsome.  That’s right, we sample and test ALL of our beer in our lab.

What’s next?

We’ll  keep you apprised of the development  but it will go something like this…

  1. First tank – Hot Liquor Tank – arrived yesterday.
  2. Starting next week, we will be brewing continuously until we’ve filled 14 fermenters. That should put the final brew with the old brew house on November 27th.
  3. Tile and drywall installation in the brew house area will start on December 2nd
  4. The water brew – testing out the new system at the manufacturer’s plant – is scheduled for December 6th.
  5. The brewing equipment is scheduled to be delivered the following week, not later than December 13th.  We will begin installing it immediately.
  6. Come Hell or High Water, we will have brewed at least one batch of beer on the new system by December 31st!