So yeah…… we’re pretty fascinated with Space these days. It all started when we added Galaxy hops to our Scape Goat Pale Ale to create the next frontier of Space Goat. We haven’t looked back. Besides this darn tasty beer, we know very little about going to space,  so we asked someone who does, Team Big Sky Brewing Co. member and extreme backcountry skier: Ian Hamilton.

Ian spends much of his time launching into orbit in the backcountry, so we asked for his tips when it comes to proper space travel.

  1. Check Your Equipment
    You don’t want your space shuttle to malfunction on takeoff, explode mid-flight or fail to withstand the extreme pressures of landing.  Inspect skis, bindings, poles, goggles and helmet before initiating launch sequence.
  2. Check Your Launch Protocols
    You must ensure you’ve constructed a launch ramp massive enough to send you directly into orbit.  It needs to be the correct height and angle to ensure a safe trajectory and maximum enjoyment.  A great flight requires a perfect launch.
  3. Check your Landing Pad
    The trouble with attempting to leave the earth, is that you inevitably come crashing back down.  So you need to check to make sure your landing pad has no rocks, trees, or other obstacles.  (Bonus points if it’s covered in over 12 inches of snow)
  4. Check your Crew
    It’s not easy to go to space.  You need a solid crew to ensure a safe launch, flight, and landing.  You also might need them to scrape you off the ground if anything goes wrong.  Never forget that space travel is a team effort, so gather your best buds before planning any space missions
  5. Check yourself
    Or else you’ll wreck yourself.  The true way to reach space is from a place of inner calm, supreme confidence and utter happiness.  It’s dangerous when you attempt to fly from a place of fear, anxiousness, pride or ego.

Space travel is supposed to be fun, but it has its consequences.  Always be careful when attempting to leave the atmosphere.  Follow these tips, however, and if all goes well you’ll have an incredibly enjoyable voyage.  See you in Space!!!