We made it permanent Feature Image

In case you haven’t heard, we did some work in the backyard. It’s officially called the Big Sky Brewing Company Amphitheater, but we’ve heard others call it heaven, my happy place, narnia, and even the best thing to happen since beer.

The reality is we’ve really enjoyed the live gigs in our backyard so we decided to make it permanent. Not only have the concerts brought some good acts to town, but it’s also allowed us to give back to Montana in a capacity we couldn’t do otherwise. In excess of $500K and counting and building some things we’re proud of along the way. (Mobash Skate Park, Brennan’s Wave,  Youth Homes, etc.)

The new venue is no exception. Since opening our doors on June 3rd, we’ve blown through 5 shows & 235 kegs of delicious Big Sky beer, which pencils out to 51 people per keg. Solid beer drinkin’ folks. This year the community giving flowing out of the 24 tap system will be headed to 5 Valleys Land Trust, West Slope Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and the Glacier Ice Rink.

Next week, we expect our largest crowd, sold out, at 5,500 people joining us for the Traveler’s Rest Music Festival.  If you can’t make it out, be sure and tune into our Facebook page as we’ll provide a live tour of the new digs.

Also, you can checkout other upcoming shows by clicking here.