Things we’re going to keep around Feature Image

You don’t have to spend a long time at Big Sky Brewing Co. to learn we’re tinkerers. Ready, fire, aim. And then do it again, depending on the results.  We love to build stuff, and do things the critics didn’t think could be done. Like put our canning line inside our bottling line. It doesn’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t keep us from trying. And when it does work we usually crack a cold one, or a keg.

Well… we’ve had some recent wins and thought we’d share. Here’s a short list – of once ideas – that it looks like we’ll be keeping around.

  1. Concerts.  We’ve been hosting music shows in our backyard since 2004. Not only has it brought some good tunes to Zootown, but it’s also allowed us to give back over $500,000 to community projects (Brennan’s Wave, Mobash Skatepark, a brand new trail system, etc.).  So, we decided to make it permanent with a new backyard Amphitheater. Read more here.
  2. Shake- A- Day. After rounds and rounds of taproom testing, we released Shake-A-Day IPA as a limited release. Everyone loved it, so we whipped up a can design and decided to add it to the shelves year round. It’s 7.5% so go easy our friends. Learn More. 
  3. Our Taproom. In case you didn’t hear, in October we’ll be able to start selling pints in the taproom.. Sound the trumpets. We once called this law the “Big Sky Law” (we were the only brewery in the state that couldn’t sell pints for years, and years, and years). Well… it’s changed and we couldn’t be any happier. Read more here.  True to our colors, we’re remodeling the taproom and plan to host plenty of “Pint Nights” for local charities.
  4. Trails, lots of trails. We gave all of our birthday party proceeds (over $20,000) to MTB Missoula and we’ll be kicking some of our concert proceeds this direction as well. Basically, we don’t think Montana can have too many mountain bike trails and we’re going to do our part to add some more.
  5. Gear. We love beer gear, always have, always will. Our latest kick has been with the Yeti and Hydro Flask products. They keep coffee warm and beer cold. Two aspects of quality we appreciate around here.
  6. The lightbulb.  Just kidding that was someone else. We’re not that smart.

That’s it for now. We’ll keep at it and keep you updated. Thanks for listening and thanks for supporting Big Sky Brewing Co.