We’re Fighting Hunger Too Feature Image

Yes, we’ve been making water fun since 1995, but almost a decade into being a brewer we set our sights on hunger, too. We partnered with Montana Food Bank Network in 2004 to launch the first annual Big Sky BBQ. We’ve thrown the party in our back yard, donated beer and even poured the beer from time to time to make this one of the Food Bank’s largest annual fundraisers.

We’ve always cared more about the outcome than the credit, but we have to admit we puffed up our chest a little when we found out were the recipients of the 2017 Hunger Hope Award for our efforts to help end hunger in Montana. We’ve always believed in giving back; it’s as much of who are as brewing beer. And, honestly, it feels pretty good to get a pat on the back from time to time.

Thanks for all you do Montana Food Bank, we’re proud of this partnership and our quest to end Montana hunger.

We’re not there yet, but we’re not done yet either.

To learn more about the Montana Food Bank please visit:  http://mfbn.org/