3D Virtual Brewery Tour Feature Image

You’re not going to believe this, but we just launched a 3D Virtual Tour of our crib. That’s right  partner, this is high-tech stuff.

virtual-tour to take alook.

Truth be told, we’re proud of what we’ve built here in Montana, USA. We brew world-class beers and have as much fun as possible doing it. We also realize we’re a bit hard to get to for most and, frankly, we kind of like it that way. So if you’ve visited the brewery before and want a refresher of our facility in all its glory, or if you’ve never set foot in Missoula and want to see every nook & cranny, we present… the 3D Virtual Tour. Heck, you can practically read the calendar on the wall.  

Oh wait, it gets even better. Find the Moose hidden amongst all the glory of brewing and we’ll give you FOUR – we repeat FOUR – free samples in our taproom.

So take a gander. Or just stop by and say and hey. Or both.