In 1996, we named our Winter Ale “Powder Hound” after a Siberian Husky named Buddy. Buddy’s thirst for snow and love for life was something we could all appreciate during the long Montana Winters. Buddy passed in the summer of 2007, but his legacy lives through our latest commitment to the Powder Hound Project.

The Powder Hound Project is a partnership between Big Sky Brewing Co. and the Humane Society of Western Montana to give shelter dogs a second chance. We cover their cost of care at the shelter and use our marketing channels to help one dog a month find a happy home. Every dog at the Humane Society must be fed, vaccinated and possibly spayed or neutered, we are so honored to help cover these costs. We’re proud to say all of the Powder Hound Project dogs have been adopted; the latest a big happy 3-legged fellow named DEKE.

DEKE arrived at the Humane Society of Western Montana suffering from a paralyzed leg and a severe infection. The Powder Hound Project covered his care for the month of July and gave DEKE a new lease on life. DEKE soon found a new home with Marty & Carson Pesek. This father-son duo soon realized they had a special friend in DEKE whose happiness couldn’t be slowed by a missing leg.  

In the words of young Carson:“Deke is the greatest dog ever.” We can’t disagree, and know Buddy would be proud.

To learn more, about the Powder Hound Project, or inquire about the current Powder Hound of the Month please contact Emily Adamson at the Humane Society of Western Montana.