Here at Big Sky Brewing Company we’re loading the rig up with beer and heading back to White Sulfur Springs, Montana to support the Red Ants Pants Music Festival. This marks our sixth straight annual pilgrimage to the middle of Montana. We just couldn’t bear the thought of the event not having ample supplies of Big Sky Beer.  

Since we’re hitting the road, we suggest you do the same. If you need an extra kick in the pants here are ten reasons why you should grab your keys and maybe a couple of friends.

  1. It’s summer in Montana. Just imagine White Sulphur Springs in the Winter.
  2. World Class Beer. We’re biased but it’s true.
  3. Amazing Music. Check out this line-up.
  4. Red Ants Pants are great pants & Sarah Calhoun is awesome.
  5. Plenty of dance space under the Big Sky.
  6. Frequent “Hold My Beer and Watch This” performances by attendees.
  7. The non-festival population of White Sulphur Springs is 970.
  8. You can sleep where you please, or fall. For the most part.
  9. Big Sky Brewing provides free shuttles. Safety first. No drinking and driving.
  10. All proceeds (including beer) go to the Red Ants Pants Foundation.  

So what are you waiting for? Start driving folks!

If you seriously can’t make it, but still have a burning desire for a live Montana show, stop by our own backyard to catch one of the remaining shows on our 2017 summer concert series. More on this soon.