google function on the internet machine Feature Image

Ok, Ok, go ahead and let the “we didn’t know Montana had internet” jokes fly.  We can take it.

We brewed our first beer in 1995, just as that crazy new thing called the internet was getting ramped up. We’re pleased to announce–20 years later–we’ve been selected as a featured small business in the Google Economic Impact report. Beer hasn’t changed much in recent history and we hope to keep it that way. As for the interwebs, well, we feel it’s made the beer world a better place. The average beer buyer is far more educated and it’s easier to find the beer you want.  Just these two alone are a beautiful thing.

How did we get picked by Google you ask? We honestly don’t know. Our guess is it has something to do with the fact that we use google all day, every day. Watching Youtube videos… google maps to find bars… google hangouts to better communicate… google sheets to organize our lives… watching Youtube videos…

Nevertheless, thanks Google and keep on keeping on.  You can read the full report here.