Thanksgiving  is tomorrow and if you’re anything like us, you’re pumped. Family football, real football, a little food and a lot of beer. To help guide you in your journey to a turkey coma, we’ve prepared a Big Sky Brewing Company Beer Pairings for Thanksgiving.

Scape Goat. A very versatile Pale Ale that will work well with a variety of intensities and flavors, particularlycheeses.

Trout Slayer. Who eats salad on Thanksgiving anyhow?  If you do, Trout Slayer is light and crisp, doesn’t overwhelm the salad or senses and sets the course for what’s tocome.

Turkey Dinner
Moose Drool. The Drool pairs well with a variety of meats while complimenting rather than dominating theflavors.

Big Sky IPA. This beer good with everything, all the time, but for Turkey Day we’re recommending a flavorful or spicy stuffing to really make this pairingwork.

Ivan the Terrible. Big, bad, and awesome. Time to sit back and enjoy an ImperialStout.

Left over sandwich and Football
Powder Hound. This winter ale rings in at 7.2% ABV, so don’t be fighting your cousin over a first downcall.

Use a portion of a Moose Drool in your gravy recipe. BAM!

So there you have it. Enjoy your day, give thanks, and tell Grandma to “Hold my Beer and Watch This.”