Jane Lund is the mother of co-founder Bjorn Nazobney and V.P. of Operations Kris Nabozney. Just getting those two raised is a life accomplishment–trust us on this one. We call her the BREWERY MOM. Jane has been a critical piece of the brewery from the beginning.  She paints all the artwork we use with our brands and she handcrafts all of our wooden signs.

This wooden sign process started with an old barn that Bjorn tore down and hauled up to Jane’s shop behind her house. Since this time, Jane has made our signs out of wood from mine shafts, cabins, chicken coops, and other broken down  pieces of Montana history Bjorn decided to haul up to her workshop.

Today, Jane gets all of her wood from Timberline in Seeley Lake, Montana. Jane also sends   trees she’s thinned on her property to Timberline, so it’s inevitable that this process has come full circle. Each step of production is handled by Jane: cutting, sanding, nailing, staining, painting, cutting some more, sanding some more, staining some more, painting some more.

We decided to take a closer look at the craftsmanship Jane has provided us for the last nineteen years, something we’re proud of and feel fortunate to have.  Thanks Brewery Mom.