This past weekend a handful of us from the brewery headed to Upper Rock Creek in hopes to catch a hatch, drink a couple cold ones, and watch some caveman T. V. (fire). We pulled off on the east side of Gillies bridge (as it’s been called for years) to get a quick fish our our way to camp.

We all took note of the Kyle G Bohrnsen, PFC US ARMY, Memorial Bridge, with Old Glory taped to the side. It looked especially good on this 70 degree day, and the waters of Rock Creek below.

When we walked to the bridge to take a look in the water, we saw the real honor was on the back of the sign, not the front.  A series of 6 unopened beers were lined up in honor of Pvt Bohrnsen.  It was hands down the best sacrifice of beer we’d ever seen and it made us especially proud of Kyle’s service. We added a Big Sky IPA to the line up to show our great deal of respect and headed to camp.