Moose Drool Kills Toxic Fungus Feature Image

Yep, that’s right folks, the very special saliva that inspired us to brew our brown ale is making headline news among the science community. The short story is “Drool” is the secret to stopping toxic fungus found on plants.  The more a Moose Drools the more grass he can eat. Good one Moose.

Well… we thought it was pretty darn cool and wanted to share. In case, you’re not up on your science ready, here you go:

Moose Drool can undermine grass defenses
Moose Drool inhibits Growth of Toxic Fungus
Secret to Stopping Toxic Fungus: Moose Drool
Moose Drool Detoxifies Fungus
Fungus in your Forage? Try Moose Drool
A Tale of Moose Drool and Fungus
Moose Drool Kills Toxic Fungus
Moose Drool Undermines Toxic Fungus in Plants
Moose Drool Spit Fights Toxic Fungus

See, we don’t make this stuff up!