There are some really special combinations out there in the world that fit together perfectly. Take chocolate and peanut butter or cowboys and horses. We think craft beer and running have one of these special arrangements. Few beers quench your thirst or taste as good as an ice cold one right after a great run. We’ve tested it ourselves, and as a result, our brewery has long supported a culture of running and drinking beer. We cover employee entry fees for running events, carry running gear in our taproom, and are a long-time sponsor of Ironman American Record holder Linsey Corbin (even before she was fast!). We race in and support the Missoula Marathon, and we ensure there is free beer at the finish line for every racer of age. Not only that, but we’ve thrown our hat into pretty much every 5k, 10k, or beer mile we can find, not to mention bike races, ski races, and any other event that makes a beer taste better at the end!

So needless to say, when David Kuhn strolled into Missoula for this years marathon, we embraced him with open arms. Who is David Kuhn you ask? David Kuhn is a 62 year old blind grandfather(yep, blind) who is running the perimeter states of the USA (yep, the whole enchilada) to help raise money for his granddaughter Kylie, and others who suffer from cystic fibrosis. The total journey will be about 11,000 miles of travel, and we fully intend to support his journey– with funding, support, AND with Moose Drool!

We encourage you to do the same. Learn more and support this cause at