Press Release:  July 8, 2014 : Missoula, Montana

The Missoula Beer Community is joining forces, once again, on a Garden City Community Brew. This year’s Garden City Community Brew showcases a Lemon Lager brewed by Big Sky Brewing Company.

Four Missoula brewers (Big Sky Brewing Company, Kettlehouse Brewing Company Bayern Brewing, Inc., Draught Works Brewery)  have  chosen WORD’s Summer Arts and Leadership Camp as their beneficiary– a free day camp for children recognized as homeless or at-risk of homelessness.  Big Sky Brewing Company’s, Trinda Rieck stated: “Our goal is to raise $9000 in order to help fund nearly two years of the camp.  We’re also asking that a donation of $100 be made to WORD.”

Giving back to Missoula is the primary driver of this collaborative effort. Over the past two years, the Garden City Community Brew has raised nearly $15,000 for Max Wave and the Missoula Food Bank.  “We certainly hope to rival our previous success with this year’s brew, “ stated Rieck.

This Garden City Community Brew is slated to debut at Downtown Tonight on July 10th.  The majority of Missoula County bars will have the limited release beer tapped and ready to pour that evening, thanks to the Missoula County Tavern Association and distribution support from Zip Beverage. If you can’t wait until the  10th, Big Sky Brewing Company is hosting  a release party on July 8th at their facility.

“It’s fun to see this many players in the Missoula Beer Community come together for a good cause,” stated Rieck. “This is a great opportunity to showcase what we can accomplish when we pool our resources to make the Missoula Community a little better.”

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Trinda Rieck at 406-549-2777 x114; or via email: [email protected]