The metallic element Aluminum has been good to man. At least we think so here at Big Sky Brewing Company. For starters, aluminum allows us to take our beer places glass bottles can’t go. Here in Missoula, Montana our first foray into aluminum was back in 2004,  when we introduced the aluminum bottle to North America. We’ve been hard at work ever since, and 10 years later we’re please to announce the arrival of our new Summer Honey can.

Today we’re saluting the history of Aluminum: then and now. Here’s to Atomic Number 13 and  looking forward to the dog days of Montana Summer.

1827: Discovery

1884: Washington MonumentCaptstone

1909 : Aircraft

1911: Aluminum Foil

1922: Baseball Bat

1934:  Bicycle

1936: Airstream

1942: Shells for war

1955: TV display

1962: can pop top

1971: TV Dinner Tray

1983: Concept Car

1995: Doors open at Big Sky Brewing Company

2001: First Big Sky Branded Keg (we realize this is stainless, still metal & cool)

2004: First brewery in North America to use aluminum bottle.

2011: Big Sky Brewing Company Skull Sculpture

2013: BSBC gets new Newlands Brewhouse, actually steel i believe

2014: New Summer Honey Can