Dear Big Sky Brewing,

Greetings from Missouri! My name is Kerry and I work at a small bakery, in Poplar Bluff, MO, called Sweet Revenge by Chef Lo. Today, we decided to make cupcakes using your MOOSE DROOL brown ale…they were knock-your-socks-offamazing!

These MOOSE DROOL cupcakes  have an interesting history, to say the least. After the funeral of my mother, last month, my nephew introduced me to MOOSE DROOL Brown Ale; I was thoroughly impressed by the velvety malt flavor, and he urged me to take a few bottles home with me. Meanwhile, Chef Lo had an unfortunate mishap with some stout that she had planned to use in our Chocolate Stout cupcakes, so I volunteered to bring a bottle of MOOSE DROOL to see if we could use it in a similar fashion. Even though Chef Lo is not a fan of beer/ale/stout, she was shocked by how smooth MOOSE DROOL tasted…and her “flavor master” wheels began to turn! By the end of the day, we not only had MOOSE DROOL cupcakes in our display case, but we also made miniature versions to serve for a concert after-party, that night. They were an instant success! Chef Lo, Julz, and I immediately knew that we were going to have to include them on our extensive menu, and the public has most definitely fallen in love with them.

Although I cannot give out the recipe, I can share the description that we give when introducing customers to these tender, delightful treats—“malted white cake, made with MOOSE DROOL Brown Ale, topped with rich chocolate mousse”.

Sincerely and excitedly,


Kerry Stites (Sous-Chef) & Lorelei Morris (Chef Lo)

Sweet Revenge by Chef Lo

(573) 778-1690