When we opened our doors in 1995, we did so under the premise that  1) we’d brew awesome beer, and 2) we’d always support the communities that support us. 18 years later we hold to this belief as strongly as we did when we brewed our first barrel of beer.

In 2013, we had the fortunate opportunity to partner with 210 organizations and give $101,414.26 back to projects making a difference.  Of course, we don’t just give willy nilly. We receive far more applications than we can support so we set parameters. We like to build things, go play, do good work and help. Likewise, this is what we support.

Build Things

We’re brewers. We like to tinker and build. We also like to give to others who want to build. Since we began, we’ve donated proceeds from our summer concert series to build meaningful projects on the ground in Missoula. Previous projects include: $30,00 for new locker rooms at the Glacier Ice Rink, $60,000 to the Missoula Whitewater Association to build Missoula’s iconic Brennan’s Wave and, an additional $60,000 to help build Missoula’s Mobash Skate Park.

For the second consecutive year, I Ride for Tanner (Tanner Olson Memorial) and Missoula Youth Homes were recipients of proceeds from our concert series. That was a total of $35,000 in 2013. I Ride for Tanner is raising money to develop a BMX Park in honor of Tanner Olson, an avid BMX enthusiast who passed away at the age of 14 in an auto accident. Missoula Youth homes is rebuilding their Tom Roy Youth Guidance Home. This is the only youth home of its kind in state, and plays a critical role for our eldest youth in making the transition from foster homes to being on their own two feet.

An additional $13,098 was contributed to the efforts of Imagine Missoula, Brennan’s Wave, and Five Valleys Land Trust to bring the total to $48,098.

Go Play

Recreation is in our DNA at Big Sky Brewing Company. When Point 6 gets ten inches of Powder, we ski, when the Lochsa river gauge hits 3,000 cfs, we boat,  and when the salmon flies are bouncing off our windshields, we fish.  We also play hockey, run marathons, compete in Ironmans, and drink beer. In 2014 we supported these lifestyles by giving $31,054.70  to 114 organizations focused on recreation, sports, health, fitness and all around well being.

Do Good Work

Every year we also carve off a piece of the pie to give to community organizations that do good work. In our eye’s their work makes Montana home and an amazing place to live.  In 2014, these organizations and events totaled 109 with total giving of $15,160.51.


The remainder of our giving goes to unique special needs or events we like.  Burn Foundations, Cancer centers, Homebrewers and entrepreneurs to name a few. If a case of beer here or a banner there will help make your fundraiser a success, we’ll help if we can.  These spontaneous gifts totaled $7,101.05.00.

In all honesty though, the thanks belongs to YOU. Your support allows us to continually return the favor to the tune of $101,414.26 in 2014.  And for this, we have to THANK YOU!