Few and far between are the folks living in Montana who don’t appreciate wintertime and the numerous snowbound activities available. Around here we call light and fluffy snow “Powder”, and people who can’t get enough of it ‘Powderhounds’. So who among this snow loving clan would be the perfect fit to be the face of an assertive winter Ale? Only one came to mind: BUDDY, a 100 lb fun loving Siberian Husky with a nose for powder, once owned by our VP of operations at Big Sky Brewing Co., Kris Nabozney.

  1. Can you tell us who Buddy the dog was? A surly husky who got into a lot of trouble.

  1. What did the day in the life of Buddy look like, did he hang around the brewery and get into trouble? He lived the life of a rock star, worked all day and partied all night in the woods, on the river, or skiing in the backcountry.

  1. How did Buddy end up as the spokesdog for Powder Hound Winter Ale? Somewhat accidental, but most fitting. While on a backcountry skiing adventure in the Lolo National Forest, Bjorn (brewery co-founder and my brother) was suddenly overwhelmed with a husky tackling him in the snow, while shredding the pow. Bjorn, of course, threatened him with names… one being: “you miserable Powder Hound.”

  1. Why did you think Buddy was a good match With Powder Hound Winter Ale? A big beer (7.2% ABV) deserves a big character and that is what he brought.

  1. Did you ever see Buddy get cold when out playing in the snow? Never cold, only thirsty for the deep n’ steep.

  1. Now be honest, Could Buddy shred in the Powder? He shredded a lot more than the pow, chickens, squirrels and an occasional blanket!

  1. You knew this dog better than anybody, do you think he was proud to be the spokesdog for Powder Hound Winter Ale? Absolutely proud, he’s the O.P.H, original powder hound.  I was fortunate to have been his friend for 16 years.