Rye malt is invading this IPA! The Medusa Head is an invasive species of rye grass to North America and served as the inspiration for this Rye invaded IPA. Tropical fruit melds with spicy notes, on the nose of this IPA, that is dry hopped with Citra and Australian Ella hops. Domestic Pale malt makes up the bulk of the beer, with a marauding of spicy rye malt, and a small breach of crystal rye malt. At 5.7% alcohol by volume, this beer beckons for repeatinvasions.

STYLE              American IPA

ABV                 5.7%

COLOR            10 SRM

IBU’S                77

MALTS            Pale, Rye, Crystal Rye

HOPS              Chinook, Citra, Ella

AVAILABLE     Montana draft only